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Gocta Andes Lodge

What kind of weather will I find in Gocta?

The climate is mild and pleasant. On the day the temperature reaches 25 ° C when the sun shines and stands at about 20 ° if it is covered. At night not usually drop below 15 ° C

When is the rainy season?

Rain can fall throughout the year, the rainy season begins in November and runs through April. But even in the rainy season it is unusual not see the sun for more than two days.

Problems of altitude?

Chachapoyas Andes have a not very high altitude in the context of the Peruvian Andes. In our programs, the point of highest altitude we visit is the fortress of Kuelap, at 3,050 meters above sea level, so that the problems of “soroche” (altitude sickness) are not usually frequent. Anyway, if you are very sensitive to the altitude or have a medical condition that can cause problems at this point, consult your doctor before embarking on their journey.

Gocta Lodge is located at an altitude of 1,800 meters, well below the altitude at which the symptoms of altitude sickness arising begin to appear, so it is a very suitable place for a good rest and relaxation.

What should I bring?

Bring cool, comfortable clothing for walking and rain protection. Boots with good grip for excursions, water sandals, swimwear, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent. It is always good to carry water or any liquid to rehydrate.

What is the best season to visit Gocta?

It is difficult to determine the best time to go to Gocta, because every season has its attractions. The rainy season shows a loaded water falls, with an impressive force, with bright green landscape and all the hills plagued by seasonal waterfalls. In the dry season the sun usually look daily, waterfalls are tamed and allow bathing at its base.


Gocta Lodge has a limited phone coverage in times of rain or storm can be interrupted. Do not be surprised if you can not complete your call, please try again later.

Internet and cell phone at Gocta Lodge

At Gocta Lodge we have Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

The wifi service is free for our guests.

Currently (May 2017) at Gocta Lodge there is a cell phone signal from Bitel (calls and 3G navigation), Movistar (calls and navigation 2G, very limited). The signal of Claro is captured in some specific points, allows calls with limitations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The lodge is located in a remote area between mountains, to carry the signal of Internet to Gocta Lodge we use a system of repetitive antennas in the hills that is subject to the inclemencies of the time, like torrential rains and winds, frequent in the zone, and others Elements that may affect its operation. Our Internet system operates in a stable and regular way, but at certain times it may be interrupted by factors such as those just mentioned and their replacement usually takes a few hours, but in case of lightning or major damage can be extended to one or two days .