At Gocta Lodge / Pumarinri we know the importance of traveling with your pets as they are part of the family. In order to make your stay and theirs as pleasant as possible, we share with you our pet admission and care policies:

Guests may bring only one canine companion with a maximum weight of 18 kilos.

• No other pets are accepted.

• One pet per room is allowed.

• A complimentary complementary kit will be provided: dog bed, food bowl and mat; Gocta Lodge/Pumarinri will provide a key chain with disposable bags and absorbent pads.

• Your pet must relieve itself on the absorbent pads that will be placed in the bathroom of the room. Otherwise, you will be responsible for picking up after your pet. It is not allowed to use the hotel linen to pick up waste and for grooming your pet.

• The owner must agree not to disturb the tranquility of other guests.

• Pets are strictly prohibited from using the swimming pool or natural pool.

• Pets must be collared and leashed at all times while in the public areas of the hotel.

• Pets are not allowed to accompany us on tours offered by the hotel. In many cases we visit protected natural areas or archaeological sites where pets are not allowed.

• Your pet must always stay with you during your stay at the hotel. Your pet is not allowed to climb on the beds, sofas, armchairs and other furniture inside the room. Likewise, it is not allowed to leave your pet alone inside the room, or in any common area. To make use of our restaurant, you may be accompanied by your pet.

• Pets must not be aggressive, they must be well trained to socialize with other animals and properly educated so as not to disturb the rest of the guests. Potentially dangerous breeds such as American Pitbull, fila brasilera, tosa japonesa, bullmastiff, doberman and rottweiler, according to Peruvian legislation, will not be admitted.

• Reservations must be requested at least 2 working days in advance. If a pet is brought to the hotel without a reservation, we reserve the right to refuse admission.

• Pet owners are required to sign a letter of policy at check-in before the pet enters the room or public areas.

• The admission fee for your pet is S/.150 (inc. taxes and services) per night.

• Damages caused by your pet to the furniture inside your room and in the other facilities will be assumed in full by you at the time of check out, taking into consideration the following:

-US$ 75 for damage to each piece of furniture or fixtures.
-US$ 90 for damages to linens (sheets, pillows, towels, etc.) and other property.
-US$ 350 for damage to each mattress.

• The hotel reserves the right to charge the guest’s credit card for any repair charges required in the room for excessive damage caused by the pet. If the damage is discovered after the guest’s departure, the card will be charged for repairs at check-out.

• Guests who enter with guide dogs must present the certificates issued by the competent entities that certify their condition.

• It is strictly forbidden any act of mistreatment or cruelty against your pet, or acts that endanger public health. According to Peruvian law, these actions constitute punishable offenses. PUMARINRI/GOCTA LODGE will give immediate notice of these actions to the competent authorities.

• Failure to comply with any of the above points may result in the termination of the hotel contract and departure from the hotel facilities, with no right to reimbursement or compensation.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the company of your pet.